Book Review: Onward

Onward is an enigmatic but fascinating book. It reads like a memoir, shareholder report, Howard Schultz’s personal diary, and corporate promotional material at the same time. It is simultaneously brashly conceited and remarkably humble, while being completely engaging from cover to cover. The book details Schultz’s journey as he returned as ceo (Starbucks uses lower-case … Continue reading Book Review: Onward

Book Review (aka my 2 cents): Love Wins by Rob Bell

The Marketing Campaign The viral marketing campaign for Love Wins was simply brilliant. It should be studied by any marketing student looking to market a product. I don’t know how intentional everything was, but it worked, and I hate the fact that it did. I saw the Rob Bell "trailer" video on a friend’s Facebook … Continue reading Book Review (aka my 2 cents): Love Wins by Rob Bell