Book Review: Culture Connection

Culture is important. That's the conclusion of many resources on organizational culture. But does any leader actually argue that culture is not important? The real problem is "how" to develop an effective culture. Marty Parker attempts to tackle this "how" question in his book, Culture Connection: How Developing a Winning Culture Will Give Your Organization … Continue reading Book Review: Culture Connection

Book Review: Rapid Realignment

Alignment is one of those intuitive things that is easy to write about but much harder to practice. Of course HR, Finance, Communications, Operations, and Sales should be aligned towards the same goals/directions. No one is going to argue they should not be. But many organizations are full of silo-ed departments that are not aligned, … Continue reading Book Review: Rapid Realignment

Book Review: Millennials into Leadership

How will the Millennials lead? That question will directly impact organizations over the next few years, as the Millennials move into more impacting leadership positions. The oldest Millennial is 31 now, and we will see them become Executives in established organizations very shortly. Will that change leadership as we know it? Lisa Orrell attempts to … Continue reading Book Review: Millennials into Leadership

Book Review: UnMarketing. Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

First off, I am definitely not qualified to review a book on social media. I'm still learning a lot, make lots of mistakes and am still trying to figure it out along with everyone else. So I'm approaching this review from the perspective of a business leader looking to learn more about how best to … Continue reading Book Review: UnMarketing. Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Book Review: Managing the Millennials

Leading/managing Millennials is fast becoming a lucrative niche-field for writers and consultants to help companies with. The Millennials are growing into our workforces now and companies are learning, or not learning, to adapt to them. Chip Espinoza, Mick Ukleja and Craig Rusch wrote “Managing the Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today’s Workforce” and … Continue reading Book Review: Managing the Millennials

Book Review: Onward

Onward is an enigmatic but fascinating book. It reads like a memoir, shareholder report, Howard Schultz’s personal diary, and corporate promotional material at the same time. It is simultaneously brashly conceited and remarkably humble, while being completely engaging from cover to cover. The book details Schultz’s journey as he returned as ceo (Starbucks uses lower-case … Continue reading Book Review: Onward