Strategic Plans: $100,000 Coffee Coasters?

Last May, I wrote a post entitled “Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning.” My sarcastic post generated more interest than I ever thought it would. I thought I might generate hate mail, or at least have a bunch of people disagree with me, except most people actually agreed with me. Now, 10 months later, I … Continue reading Strategic Plans: $100,000 Coffee Coasters?

Temporal Orientations: Time Matters in Planning

"Planning advocates provide little assistance to the administrator in meeting these challenges. Vague statements about planned change, elaborate schematic drawings of the planning function, diverse planning models, and five-year plans that are in fact "shelf-documents" created for evaluation agencies or for year-end reports offer minimal assistance to top-level managers as they respond to internal and … Continue reading Temporal Orientations: Time Matters in Planning

Expensive Coffee Coasters & Strategic Plans

I wrote a post a few weeks back called Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning and it was reposted atLeaderLab. Ryan Olsen then wrote a response to that post, and the debate continued with a number of comments on LeaderLab and Twitter. Some people agreed, others were amused, and others weren't impressed at all. Since … Continue reading Expensive Coffee Coasters & Strategic Plans