Can leaders be too collaborative?

Can collaboration can go too far? Is there an arc to the effectiveness of collaboration, where at some point, collaboration begins losing its effectiveness? This kind of seems ridiculous to write. Of course we should collaborate. Teams are necessary in today’s ever-changing world. Collaboration is necessary for innovation. There’s no ‘I’ in team (on an … Continue reading Can leaders be too collaborative?

Org. Design and Social Networks

Hierarchies rely on job titles to command the attention of others. Social networks thrive on the social ingenuity and influence of the individual people in the network. Intuitive 21st Century organizational designs will allow this inevitable influence to happen and reward those who thrive on it, not punish them. In many organizations, bypassing structures to … Continue reading Org. Design and Social Networks

Book Review: HR from the Outside In (Dave Ulrich)

Could Dave Ulrich write a bad book if he tried? I don't think he could, and Ulrich's latest work keeps up his long trend of successful books that encapsulate the HR profession. HR from the Outside In: Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources is Ulrich's latest work (co-authored with Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank … Continue reading Book Review: HR from the Outside In (Dave Ulrich)

Book Review: Culture Connection

Culture is important. That's the conclusion of many resources on organizational culture. But does any leader actually argue that culture is not important? The real problem is "how" to develop an effective culture. Marty Parker attempts to tackle this "how" question in his book, Culture Connection: How Developing a Winning Culture Will Give Your Organization … Continue reading Book Review: Culture Connection

Book Review: Rapid Realignment

Alignment is one of those intuitive things that is easy to write about but much harder to practice. Of course HR, Finance, Communications, Operations, and Sales should be aligned towards the same goals/directions. No one is going to argue they should not be. But many organizations are full of silo-ed departments that are not aligned, … Continue reading Book Review: Rapid Realignment

Strategic Plans: $100,000 Coffee Coasters?

Last May, I wrote a post entitled “Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning.” My sarcastic post generated more interest than I ever thought it would. I thought I might generate hate mail, or at least have a bunch of people disagree with me, except most people actually agreed with me. Now, 10 months later, I … Continue reading Strategic Plans: $100,000 Coffee Coasters?