The beautiful Intricacy of Teams

I had the privilege of facilitating a Personality Dimensions course at a Southern Alberta accounting firm this week. I had a blast working with them, and learning from them.

It was a good lesson for me to remember that all organizations face similar issues within teams. It doesn’t matter whether it is a hospital, an accounting firm, an engineering firm, or a factory; anytime people are gathered together and forced to work together, there will be diverse interpersonal relationships. I guess that’s why I love studying leadership and organizations so much. It is never black and white, and there are always things to adjust and try to fix. It’s a never-ending uphill battle to get teams to work together and people to understand each other, but when a high-performing team does get there, it is a beautiful sight.

One thought on “The beautiful Intricacy of Teams

  1. Agree. I am finally seeing this within the team that I lead at our workplace. After 5 years of frustration we finally have the team, the willingness and the ability with it’s members to fire on all cylinders and produce a lot of work in a short time.

    We’re all pretty different individuals too.

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